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On-line practice improvement charrettes meld collaboration with best practices.

Prosperity Growth Labs 2021 Season 2 Announced 

Popular program renews in response to member interest and participation in the 6-episode Season 1 debut in 2020. 

Winter series set … spring, summer, and fall episodes to be announced soon.

OVERLAND PARK, KS, 30 December 2020 -- The Prosperity Network of Advisors and Cetera Financial Group’s Wealth Management team announced today they will produce and launch a Season 2 of the popular Prosperity Growth Labs series. Six episodes are slated.

Prosperity Growth Labs 2020, the curated series of 6, 45-60-minute on-line programs designed specifically for Prosperity Network members, was widely acclaimed, and embraced by Network members. Delivered by ZOOM, each session focused on a different aspect of practice management presented by industry-recognized subject matter expert, followed by a question and-answer session – and in some cases, individual follow-up sessions.

“Season 1 of Prosperity Growth Labs was a great experiment and learning process for all of us, said Paula Johnston, Prosperity Network’s Executive Director. “We had originally planned to travel to the field in several markets to launch the Growth Labs face-to-face, but when we were grounded by the epidemic, we switched gears and produced content and an experience that was enthusiastically received by our members.

“The enthusiastic response from our members was all we needed to make the decision to ramp-up production and presentation of the Growth Labs with Season 2 in 2021, she continued.

“Our focus in Season 2 will be on technology and its use for best practices across the enterprise – sales, marketing, HR, IT, legal – and beyond.”

In collaboration with Cetera Wealth Management, Prosperity Network of Advisors is pleased to launch Season 2 of its Prosperity Growth Lab series.

Tuesday, May 25, 11:00am - 12:00pm (CST)

New Kids on the Block - Taxes and Updates and Updates on Taxes

The 2021 tax year will be a messy one for taxpayers, the IRS, and state tax authorities because of the tax changes made over the past year and logistical challenges due to the ongoing pandemic.

In this “tax-fact-packed” Prosperity Growth Lab, CFG’s head of advanced planning, Stan Smiley, will update you on the dramatic shifts and changes coming out of Washington from the new administration.

During this Prosperity Growth Lab, Stan will cover:

  • What has changed
  • Impact on planning for clients
  • Analysis of new opportunities
  • Discussion of best practices


  • Prosperity Network Leadership Opening Comments
  • Brandon Hamil, Cetera Financial Group – Advisory Resources
  • Stan Smiley – Cetera Financial Group, Head of Advanced Planning
  • Q and A


Stan Smiley, SVP of Advanced Planning Group, is responsible for the development and implementation of advanced planning strategies for Cetera Financial Group. Utilizing more than 30 years of legal and estate business planning experience, Stan and his team provide consultative services for select financial professionals, who are focused on tax planning for highly compensated individuals, and estate planning and wealth preservation strategies for high-net-worth clients and family wealth transfers.


Brandon Hamil is a key member of the Cetera Financial Group's wealth management unit and his key role is to collaborate with investment adviser representatives to promote and increase their assets under management with Cetera's advisory programs. And his education and sales leadership support ideas are focused on helping advisors improve their overall business.

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Each Zoom session is scheduled for a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 60.   Members will be notified via email with Zoom meeting details and specific content on each session.