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On-line practice improvement charrettes meld collaboration with best practices.

n collaboration with Cetera Wealth Management, Prosperity Network of Advisors is pleased to launch Season 3 of its Prosperity Growth Lab series.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 ... 11:00am - 12:00pm (CST)

Retain Your Clients! – The Golden Hour: A Strategy for Increasing Client Satisfaction

Losing a top client is never a pleasant experience. Worse still, research shows that 72.7% of advisors lose one top client per year. This makes everyone have to run harder just to maintain present production levels, and it hamstrings organic growth. However, we have found it does not have to be this way and that it is surprisingly simple and easy to maintain top clients-the very clients that form the foundations of the viability of advisors’ businesses. In fact, by breaking one bad habit and replacing it with a new habit, we have seen that advisors can easily maintain client relationships for their careers. Most client retention models are so intensive and time-consuming as to prevent most advisors from ever using them. “The Golden Hour” model aims to deliver maximum benefit.

Join us as Brett Van Bortel hosts this month's Prosperity Growth Lab. Brett has developed and delivers numerous consulting programs designed to increase the profitability, effectiveness and productivity of financial advisors. As a speaker and consultant, his focus is helping advisors in the building of strategic partnerships with attorneys and CPAs. He also works to help in the horizontal growth of advisory practices by provisioning wealth management guidance, marketing to age 65+ clients, assisting in the branding of financial advisory firms and scientifically testing for the most effective ways to ask for and receive client introductions. He regularly delivers these presentations to financial advisors in addition to individually coaching top-producing teams.

Brett Van Bortel, Director of Consulting Services, Invesco Global Consulting,  is a co-author of RainMaker: Strategic Partnering with Attorneys and Accountants to Create a Pipeline of New Affluent Clients, The Millionaire’s Advisor: High-Touch, High-Profit Relationship Management Strategies of Advisors to the Wealthy and Selecting a Coach: 7 Guidelines for Financial Advisors. Prior to joining Invesco in 2010, Brett worked for Van Kampen Investments for 13 years as a member of Van Kampen Consulting.

As a Wealth Management Consultant, Brandon Hamil is responsible for development of advisory sales within his region for Cetera Financial Group. His primary role is to collaborate with investment adviser representatives to promote the increase of assets under management within Cetera’s advisory programs. His responsibilities include education on sales ideas and techniques as well as helping investment adviser representatives to improve their overall business. 

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Each Zoom session is scheduled for a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 60. Members will be notified via email with Zoom meeting details and specific content on each session.