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ERISA Consulting

It’s frustrating to have your clients provide you with a 401k statement that is held with their employer and, because compliance is unwilling to provide a solution, you aren’t able to give them the advice they desperately need. We have a solution that allows you to give specific fund advice to participants for plans held away.

Portfolio Resource Group (PRG)

Your clients deserve state-of-the-art-investment advice. Partnership with Prosperity maximizes your professional effectiveness without minimizing your personal relationships.

DOL DynamIQs™

To help independent financial advisors address the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Fiduciary Rule, Cetera Financial Group® offers DOL DynamIQs™—an actionable program for adapting to this transformative issue. Breathe easier knowing you have a clearly-defined approach to prepare for the new rule, from education to implementation. DOL DynamIQsis delivered in three phases—Learn, Plan, and Act—that walk you through all the steps you need to help position your practice for future success.

Succession Planning

You can know that your business value and your service to clients are protected against every eventuality. A thoughtful succession plan today saves anxiety and asset deterioration later.

Educational Events

Education events are held by both the OSJ and Broker Dealer to help and your staff get focused and stay connected.

Fit-To-Retire® Readiness Roadmap

Standing out in the marketplace to meet the “next” need for America’s Baby Boomers will define your future business. This online and social media tool can do that for you and drive your success.

Find out more at our Fit-To-Retire® Readiness Roadmap site.

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