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We believe that providing such an environment, can be summarized with the 4 P’s to Prosperity:


Paul Ewing formed our group in 1994 with the partnership concept as the cornerstone. He realized the importance of synergies between Financial Advisors, Accountants, Attorneys and Bankers. He found a way for these professionals to work together so that all benefited from the partnership.


Prosperity is one of the top 10 Financial Services Firms in the Kansas City market. Our network consists of over 135 members, including nearly 40 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™.


Members of Prosperity are registered representatives of Cetera Advisors, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cetera Financial Group. Cetera has access to a wide variety of high quality investment products and services.


Our commission payout is unmatched in the industry. 80% to 92% of Gross Dealer Commissions are passed directly to our members who are registered with Cetera Advisors. This allows professionals like you to decide how best to fund your business.

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