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Prosperity Huddle Archives

2023 Huddle Recaps

1/4/2023 Inactive Account Fees, Gift Logs, and SEC Marketing Rule

1/11/2023 QRP Accounts, CE Requirements, and Financial Plan Design

1/18/2023 BIC App, SLAs, and New Year Reminders

2/1/2023 Risk Variance Notices, ABQs, and OSJ Webinar

2/8/2023 Secure 2.0, Turbo Tax, and Service Structures

2/15/2023 Strategic Partners, Social Media, and PinPoint Reminders

3/1/2023 Abandoned Property, BIC App Updates, and Special Pricing

3/8/2023 Texting Reminders, Client Appreciation, and Pink Flamingo Marketing

3/15/2023 Complaint Handling, Updated Docupace Routing, and Growth360

4/6/2023 Tax Deadlines, MAA New Fee Tiers, and AW Support Center

4/12/2023 Money Market Options, BIC App Updates, and Marketing Webinars

4/19/2023 IRS Deadline Extension, Member Experience Survey, and Connect2Peers

5/3/2023 UIT Trading in AW, Member Experience Survey, and Audit Tips and Tricks

5/10/2023 CIM Client Commentaries, MAA Manager Program, and Financial Planning Webinars

5/17/2023 News in AW, Vendor Catalog in AW, and Welcome Eric Bowen

6/7/2023 Buy List Fund Removal, 1040 Planning, and New SLAs

6/14/2023 Branding Workshops, Copytalk Webinar, and Connect2Peers

6/21/2023 Out of Country Alerts, Sunsetting of Cetera Emails, and Secure Email & PII

7/5/2023 ACATs without Statements, PinPoint Updates, and New Missouri Regulations

7/12/2023 Client Net Worth View in AW, QPR and Billing Schedules, and Upcoming Growth Lab

7/19/2023 Compliance Manual Updates, Social Media Tool, and Cetera Form and Policy Updates

8/2/2023 T+1 Trades, Electronic CRS Delivery, and Compliance Best Practices

8/9/2023 Albridge Updates, Correspondence Reminders, and Prosperity Employee Retirement Plan Services

8/16/2023 PinPoint Reminders, Missing Client Profile Info, and MAA Trade Analysis Tool

9/6/2023 Bene Annuity Reminders, BIC App Updates, and Trust Form Updates

9/13/2023 CE Reminders, C Shares, and Hiring an Advisor

9/20/2023 Advisory Account NIGOs, PTA Attestations, and NRA Required Training

10/4/2023 ABQs, Asset Movement Workshop, and Client App

10/11/2023 Vulnerable Adults and Growth Lab

11/1/2023 Client Deaths, ACRs, and New Cetera Teams

11/15/2023 End of Year Reminders, ACRs, and Office Closures

12/6/2023 Compliance Manual, ETF Update, and AW Updates

12/20/2023 BIC App Updates, ACRs, and 1099 Schedule