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27 Oct
Session GL-5


8,000 Days, Insight from the MIT AgeLab.

A person with a college education and good income is now likely to live into their 80’s. Their life can be divided into four periods averaging roughly 8,000 days. Birth to college graduation is about 8,000 days. College graduation to midlife is another 8,000 days. Midlife to a retirement age of 66 is another 8,000 days. And add another 8,000 days for retirement itself. Retirement planning hasn’t caught up to the realities of the 8,000 day retirement. MIT AgeLab’s insights will help you help your clients prepare for the 8,000-day retirement.

Special bonus for participating members: Attendance at this zoom event will earn 1 hour of CFP/CIMA C.E. credit.

  • Paul Ewing - Prosperity Leadership - Opening comments
  • John Diehl - 8,000 Days, Insight from the MIT AgeLab.
  • Questions and Answers

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Tue, Oct 27, 2020

11:00a - 12:00p CST


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