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The decision to change your broker/dealer affiliation can be complicated.

Gathering the critical information that enables you to make an informed and smart business decision is taxing—maybe even emotionally draining. It’s about knowing and finding the operational and financial details that make the promise and the offering unique.

It’s about the people—their character, drive, and determination.

It’s also about the direction and the operational philosophy you jointly share with the firm. It’s not about being embarrassed to ask the key economic questions that will provide clarity, sustainability, and future growth. You’ll need to stress-test the technology, interview and dig deep into the people you will be partnering with, and ask the hard questions to see what others have to say about Prosperity.

You are independent—that means you always have a choice. We're here to give you all the information you’ll need to make this very important decision. So, choose wisely. Choose Prosperity.

The Prosperity Network is Cetera Advisors’ largest OSJ, serving nearly 200 (and growing) advisors coast-to-coast.  

The leadership of Prosperity Network operates a high-volume, nationally recognized practice every day. That means we know the challenges and opportunities you face as an independent financial advisor. 

We’ll help you understand and apply the resources available from Cetera for maximum efficiency in your practice. And we’ll make sure that your payout is protected and transparent. Count on us to listen, to help you implement business processes, and to identify new opportunities for growth.

When you choose to affiliate with Cetera Advisors you’ve made a strategic decision to position yourself for long-term growth through industry-leading support, technology resources, and services. You’ll benefit from the freedom and flexibility of being on our team. You’ll have easy access to everyone in our organization – all the way to the top – when you need it.  And the peer-to-peer culture you’ll experience from our nationwide network of like-minded, independent advisors will give you new insights for practice management and growth strategies.